Accredited USA University Degree – Now in Timisoara

The alliance of Zetta University and Salem University enables students to earn a USA degree while studying online, blended or on campus. This degree is recognized worldwide as an emblem of achievement. Students complete their final year with Salem and may choose to continue studying online or to complete their program in residence in the USA.


To meet job market demands, Zetta specializes in information technology and business. This focus prepares students to enter or advance in these lucrative, worldwide markets and to meet the needs of employers that are driven by advances in IT. Advised by leaders in the public and private sectors, Zetta has designed curricula that convey job skills as well as hands-on skills and competencies that are in high demand today and the foreseeable future.


The goals of the University are to:

  • Create a unique, advanced learning environment;
  • Achieve excellence in leadership, scholarship, and resilience; and
  • Engage students to become successful life-long, agile learners valued by employers.

Zetta’s Unique Academic Delivery

  • Each semester is 4 months’ duration
  • Students complete 4 courses in sequence, each course lasting 1 month
  • Students take 1 course that spans the semester, delivered in seminar format
  • Students complete self-study courses aligned with industry-recognized certificates for academic credit
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What do you think about digitizing formal higher education?

We offer a 21st century educational model that uses online technologies to meet students’ needs.


Digital technologies are used everywhere in all aspects of life. Zetta has embarked on rethinking higher education to build on digital technologies as the critical foundation for learning.


Connect with students from all over the world who use Internet educational systems. Learn online and follow your passion.


Zetta has tailored solutions to today’s needs. We bring you top notch American professors with extensive expertise and impeccable credentials.


Zetta University is Open in principle and in practice. We embrace innovation in technology, teaching, and learning. Our admissions are open to all qualified applicants.


The innovative, modular curriculum allows students to study one subject at a time, in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. Students have the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge by investing their time in one course, without competing priorities, to master contemporary topics.


Zetta aligns many courses with industry-recognized certificates to ensure our graduates standout from the crowd and are valued by employers.

Academic Fields of Interest

You can choose your field of interest and apply directly to the most suitable program based on your experience, learning skills, and choice of the advanced knowledge you are interested in gaining for your future.

Information Technology

Information Technology

Starting March 1, 2021 – Open for Registration

Students who complete the Zetta University program of studies in IT automatically qualify for the Software Engineering specialization at Salem. During their final academic year with Salem they may choose to complete an additional specialization in Cybersecurity, Data Science, or Enterprise Network Management. Or they may take advanced courses toward a master’s degree offered by Salem.

  • Ability to apply information technology theory and principles in addressing global business opportunities and challenges
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities in the area of information technology with an applied, real-world focus
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities in business management as applied to IT development and operations
  • Ability to communicate information in written, oral, and graphic formats
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities to enter into advanced studies in IT or business


Starting March 1, 2021 – Open for Registration

The core curriculum provides a foundation across the key functional areas of business administration such as management, accounting, finance, and marketing. Specializations are offered that allow students to gain additional knowledge, skills, and abilities that are focused on occupations.

  • Ability to integrate skills, concepts, and strategies for effective business leadership and management
  • Technical competencies for succeeding in a global business economy
  • Mastery of business vocabulary for effective communication in a global economy
  • Mastery of the components of the essential elements of change management
  • Ability to apply knowledge, skills, and abilities in solving business problems
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Admission Requirements

Best Practices in Higher Education

Zetta University, Romania, and Salem University, USA, have formed a unique Alliance and joint curricula to deliver courses leading to USA accredited degrees for students in Romania. Salem accepts all credits earned at Zetta and provides courses to student online or in residence in the USA to finish bachelor’s and graduate degrees. Salem University has the highest level of accreditation in the USA: It has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( since March 1963.

Zetta University has its headquarters in Timisoara. It serves students throughout the world via the Internet. The headquarters is in the Vox Technology Park, one of the most-awarded business and technology hubs in western Romania.

Salem University has its headquarters in Salem, West Virginia, with an additional course location in Indianapolis, Indiana. The administrative leadership is in Indianapolis as well.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) has been redesigned to build on the strengths of Zetta University, with the final year of studies at Salem. Salem will accept all credits earned at Zetta and award the BSIT upon successful completion of all requirements.

Similarly, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) has been rebuilt to address the needs and wants of students in Romania, while maintaining fidelity with the Salem baccalaureate program.

Zetta gives students extensive opportunities to expand their knowledge and to focus on their goals without competing priorities. Students are encouraged to pursue hands-on, paid internships for academic credit. Such paid internships are available in the USA for graduates who have spent at least 1 academic year in full-time study in the USA.

Finally, Salem will help students develop specializations that offer in-depth, personalized learning to complement their careers goals. For example, students interested in Industrial Automation may choose to study the “C” programming language instead of “Java.” Or students who are interested in Business Intelligence are welcome to develop their own program specialization with the advice and approval of Faculty.


Dr. Cecil Eric Kirkland
Rector, University Professor

Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer of Salem University

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Dr. Marc D. Getty

Dean of Business & Professor, Salem University

Dr. Timothy Glaid

Professor, Salem University

Dr. Stephen Scherrer

Professor, Salem University

Dr. Karen Hudkins Morgan

Professor, Salem University

Dr. Charles W. Lively, III

Professor, Zetta University

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